The Ruth is on Fire!

Mini S'mores Bar Includes:

1 Custom La TEA Da By Ruth S'mores Board with Mini Grill

1 Bag of Grill Rocks

6 Handcrafted Vanilla Marshmallows

6 Handcrafted Strawberry Marshmallows

6 Milk Chocolate Bars

6 Peanut Butter Cups

10 Honey Grahams

10 Chocolate Grahams

Package of Wooden Skewers

Small Bottle of Vodka


All chocolates & grahams are in original packaging for food safety.

Cost includes shipping within the continental U.S.

S'mores Bar - Shipping in U.S. Included

  • 1. Put roocks in the grill

    2. Pour Vodka to Rim 

    3. Hold match or Lighter to rocks. Flame might be hard to see, so be careful. 

    Roast Marshmallows & Enjoy!

    When you are done, be sure the flame is out by placing a small bowl on top to smother it. Or just douse with water.

    TIP: For faster lighting, heat the rocks with a lighter before pouring the vodka & lighting.

    Thank you for your generous suport of my small business.

    La Tea Da By Ruth